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What’s That Heating Noise?

When you turn on your heater, you start to hear some odd things. In a perfect world, you’d be able to turn on your heater (or any other appliance for that matter) and run it perfectly all the time. In our world though, things are going to go wrong sometimes. You might hear vibrating, rattling, scraping, or other noises.

The thing about heating noises though, is that there are some sounds that are normal while others are bad news for your home heating. We’re here to clear up that grey area for you today. If you ever need HVAC service in Murfreesboro, TN, you should schedule an appointment with our team members.  

Noises and Their Meanings

Here are a few common noises and their meanings:

1.      Clicking

Clicking is one of those noises that can be benign or troublesome depending on the type of clicking that’s going on.

The clicking you’re hearing is fine if you’re noticing it when your thermostat turns your heater on or off. As long as it’s one click each time, you’re in the clear. You just have an ear that’s fine-tuned to the sounds of your home.

If you hear clicking that’s nonstop, what you’re hearing is the symptom of your home’s electrical issues. Something is being triggered endlessly and it’s not a good sign for your home.

2.      Whistling

Your heater whistles while it works. If you’re hearing whistling, then you’re hearing the sound of air moving through a small space. It’s the same science behind a human being whistling through pursed lips. Whistling is bad news because it likely means that your home’s ducts have a crack or internal leak somewhere. We’re here to help.

3.      Banging

Are you hearing a booming or banging sound coming your home’s furnace? This sound can actually be the sound of your home’s ignition struggling. A delayed gas ignition can mean that a mini-explosion is going on with your home’s furnace. If this sound is loud and alarming, you should invest in professional service. We can help.

4.      Popping

Do you hear metallic, hollow popping noises coming from your home’s heater? This is normal if it’s not too loud or too persistent. The vents in your home are metal. This means that they react to the changes in temperature in your home. You can expect your heaters to make some sounds through their growing pains when the temperatures heat up.

If your home’s vents are popping endlessly though, then you’re having a bigger issue with your home’s heater.

5.      Chirping

Chirping is one of those sounds that you might hear at the start of the heating season. Heaters that have been out of commission for a while start to make some odd sounds. Chirping can be a natural noise coming from your home’s heater. If it persists throughout the rest of the heating season, though, it might be the sound of a worn-out fan belt.

Contact Precision Air, Inc today to handle any weird heating noise that you’re hearing. Comfort is a must, call the experts you trust.

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