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5 Red Flags From Your Home’s Heat Pump

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Fall is turning into winter right before our eyes. The evenings get darker earlier, the temperatures dip lower with each day, and you’re spending more time heating your home. As the temperatures get colder, it’s important to check in with your home’s heater to determine if its fairing well. That’s why we’re here to point out potential red flags with your home’s heat pump.

We know that there are many of you out there who choose to heat their home with a heat pump in Nashville. It’s why we make sure all of our professionals know how to work with these systems. If you’re having issues with your unit and you need repair work, we’re here to help you. You can come to us for heat pump repair in Nashville, TN.

The Signs That Your Heat Pump is Failing

Here are the signs that your home’s heat pump isn’t working well this winter. You’re going to run into significant heat pump problems if you don’t address this issue ASAP.

1.      Power Loss

Your home’s heat pump just doesn’t heat like it used to. You’re not sure what’s going on with your home’s heater, but you know that it’s not up to par. You don’t know how to return your home’s heater to its former glory. You don’t have to worry. We’re here to pinpoint the problem and eliminate it for you.

2.      Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat just seems to be throwing random numbers at you at this point—it’s so inaccurate. This means that you’re struggling with your home’s overall efficiency. We’re here to help your heat pump and heating system overall function like its new again.

3.      Long Run Times

Your heat pump runs almost incessantly just to keep your home at a baseline level of comfort. This is a major efficiency problem. Don’t meddle with an inefficient heater all winter. Come to our professionals early on to eliminate this issue.

4.      Persistent Noises

Your heat pump is going to make a little noise when it runs. You might hear the soft clicking sound of your home’s thermostat kicking on the heater. You might even notice popping sounds when your home’s vents are expanding or contracting due to the changing temperatures. What you should never notice, though, is loud persistent noises coming from your home’s heat pump.

Sounds like rattling, loud metal on metal noises, or banging sounds like something has gotten loose within your system are all problems. Noises from your heater should never really be something you can qualify as “new,” “loud,” or “persistent.” If they are, then you have a problem bubbling up underneath the surface.

5.      Foul Odors

Your heat pump shouldn’t emit scents. There’s really no way around this. The bad thing about a heat pump, in particular, is that when it malfunctions, it might start to emit a dirty sock smell. We meet homeowners who deal with this problem for a while before calling us. They just can’t pinpoint what the source is. We’re here to help you eliminate this.

Contact Precision Air, Inc today if you’re ready for quality work on your home’s heat pump. Comfort is a must, call the experts you trust.

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